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Introducing the Mishnah Project's Inaugural Campaign - please support our work, so we can build a new website, hire staff, and bring the power of Mishnah to more Jews around the world. 

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When I first created the Mishnah Yomit videos in March 2016, I had no idea that the project would take on a life of its own. I simply wanted to create the opportunity for people to learn Mishnah in an easy and intuitive way.

As time progressed and the Mishnah library grew, the Daily Mishnah YouTube channel grew both in subscribers as well as monthly views. What began as a nice idea was clearly something more than that. Over time, I began to realize that this idea could become something far greater than I had even imagined.

In March 2020 COVID caused a global shutdown, giving me time to focus on rebranding my efforts. The Mishnah Project was born, with new graphics, better sound - but the same principle: two Mishnayot each and every day, taught visually, using charts, pictures and text in a clear, concise fashion.

But I came to recognize something else as well. 

Mishnah Yomit must be much more than a niche program. Mishnah Yomit can and should be a leading daily learning program for Jews around the world. Mishnah is:

  • Clear and concise
  • Short and understandable
  • Perfect for "bite-sized" consumption
  • Every masechet is an achievement, allowing beginners to have a sense of accomplishment in a relatively short period of time

But, to build the Mishnah Project, I need help. To date, I have built this program from scratch as a "hobby". But if we want it to be something truly great, it must be given the resources and attention that match its potential.

Help me build the Mishnah Project into a force for spreading Torah around the world.